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Music royalties are complicated.  The transition from broadcast to digital is threatening the incomes of composers across the globe.  We want to help.



We are musicians, technologists, and company builders. We are passionate about the advancement and welfare of the music economy because we live it.  Our mission is to help music creators of all types and publishers work more efficiently, and grow their income with strategic royalty insights.


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David Della Santa _ Volume music+sound_e

David Della Santa

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Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

20+ years in music synchronization. Deep working knowledge of music royalties ecosystem. Founder of Volume.ms, exec music producer, music supervisor, and composer.

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Sathvik Krishnamurthy

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Co-Founder, Exec Chair

Silicon Valley guide with several successful exits, including two IPOs, and CEO of Voltage Security acquired by HP.  Founder of SLC, a new seed stage venture firm/incubator.

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Eric Peterson

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Veteran solutions architect + DevOps engineer.  Blockchain developer, music session engineer.

Formal education in tech + music (UT + Berklee).

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Nan Wilson

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Performance royalties Oracle. Founder Manage Ad Music, one of the largest US advertising royalty admins.


Steven Lubin

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20+ year music / media executive.  Previously VP of Business Development at ASCAP and CEO, co-founder at MediaGuide a broadcast detection company acquired by iHeart Radio.

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Nik Kalyani

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Technology Advisor

Seasoned blockchain architect,     co-founder, CTO WhenHub, 12-year Microsoft MVP.

“Trqk is a must-have companion for composers and publishers to analyze their royalty data and make more informed decisions for their business.

—Steven Lubin, former VP at ASCAP

“Trqk is shining a light on the royalty big picture for composers and publishers.  Long overdue.

—Nan Wilson, Manage Ad Music